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[Degrowth] R&D - International Picnic 4 Degrowth, June 1st

El pic nic internacional de descrecimiento, el 1 de junio; cada quien lo organiza en su comunidad o su pueblo

Research & Degrowth, (R&D) is an academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth.
Research & Degrowth Updates May 2013

International Picnic 4 Degrowth, June 1st, 2013 - Bring people together to envision a convivial degrowth society

Change always starts with a nice chat around good food!

The global picnic for degrowth idea came out of the second conference on degrowth and social justice in Barcelona in March 2010. This will be the third year. In past years, it has taken place in over 70 cities around the world!

Organize or join a picnic and chat with your neighbours, colleagues, family or community about their ideas of what a post-growth society might involve. Help create or strengthen a post-growth study and/or action group in your community.

Visit the web page and register your picnic, or search for a picnic already organized for your community.

Note: The R&D regular bimonthly newletter will come out in June.

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